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COVID-19: 'Home ain’t where you were born, Home is where the leaders care about you' - Nigerian man says after receiving $2,290 from Canadian Government during lockdown

A Nigerian man based in Canada has taken to Twitter to praise the Canadian government after they sent him $2,290 as financial support during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This comes after the Canadian government announced back in March that Canadians who are out of work because of the Coronavirus pandemic will be eligible for up to CAN$2,000 ($1,399) a month for four months.

According to @ChuksJaphet, he received a deposit of $2,000 from the Govt of Canada few days ago and another additional cheque of $290 as support just yesterday.

He wrote: 'Few days ago, we received a deposit of $2,000 from d Govt of Can , today we got another cheque of $290 as support. Meanwhile, all Nigerian Govt could say was come back home and I will bear d flight cost. Home ain’t where u were born. Home is where d leaders care abt u.'



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