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Governor Ganduje speaks on ‘unusual’ deaths in Kano amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje has finally reacted to report of 'unusual’ deaths recorded in Kano state amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting on the report which alleged that over 150 people were buried in Kano in the last five days, the Governor said “there is nothing to show that there is unusual frequency of deaths in Kano”.

He told Channels Television that even though they are investigating the claim, the death toll was exaggerated as 13 deaths were actually recorded in a place where it was alleged that 70 people died.

Ganduje said;
“First of all I want to assure you that the information as portrayed by Daily Trust two days ago is not correct, because we undertook an investigation and in the initial report I’ve received, where some people reported 70 deaths, we found out that there were only 13 death. We will soon get a complete report,” he said
“But I can assure you that the information is not correct. There is nothing to show that there is unusual frequency of deaths in Kano State.
"There is yet no confirmation the deaths were caused by coronavirus infection. Kano state has recorded only one death from coronavirus so far.
“You know, Kano is a cosmopolitan area and people die from different types of diseases. But what is important is the confirmation of what actually killed the people that requested going to the hospitals. That is if they died in the hospital or with their families if they were not taken to the hospital. Certainly, there is no unusual burial taking place in Kano."
 As at 11:25 pm on April 22, Kano has 73 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.


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