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Lockdown: Pollution Dropped, Himalayas Visible In India After 30 Years From 125 Miles (Pics)

* Covid-19 global lockdown.

Planes grounded for weeks, cars parked, industries/factories shut down around the world.

Air Pollution had dropped globally due to this, like the planet is healing itself.

People living in some parts of India are seeing the Himalaya mountains crystal clear for the first time in decades.

This happened after the coronavirus quarantine reduced the amount of pollution in the country and helped the air clear up a bit.

Locals in the Jalandhar district in Punjab in Northern India, around 125 miles (just over 200 kilometers) from the mountains, are enjoying the majestic view.

The pollution dropped by 71% even in the capital city of New Delhi.

Smog disappeared in just week of lockdown.

Pollution also in Seattle, United States.

Some desserted US cities pictured during lockdown.

Grounded planes In US sit on runway.

Canals in Venice cleared up so much, it revealed all the fishes living in it.

Pollution in Europe between January and March, 2020.

Similar changes were seen in China a couple of weeks ago.

Desserted Chinese cities pictured during lockdown.

Similar changes were seen in Paris.


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