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Abuja Journalist Raises Safety Concern After Bullet Pierces Through Ceiling Hours After Hoodlums Invaded Home (PHOTO)

A journalist based in Abuja, Mike Idakosa, has raised the alarm over his family's safety after a bullet pieced through the ceiling of their house and landed in one of the rooms.
The incident happened in the New Karu area of Abuja.
The journalist, who shared the information on his Facebook page, said his family members were playing inside their compound when they heard an unusual sound in the sitting room.

He said they rushed into the house and found a bullet on the floor that had pierced through the roof.
He said, "My family told me that they were at my backyard and heard a sound in the sitting room and when they went to check, they initially noticed sand from no where on the rug carpet.

"Wondering where the sand came from, they looked at the ceiling only to see a hole there. While sweeping the sand, they saw the bullet."  

Idahosa said that the incident happened less than 24 hours after some unknown persons stormed his house and damaged his generating set and spilled petrol under his car.
He said he had reported both incidents at New Karu Police Station for further investigation.


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