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Woman narrates how her dad was 'killed by his best friend because of jealousy'

A woman has narrated how her father and grandmother died on the same day in different motor accidents and she accused her dad's best friend of being responsible "because of jealousy."

@Ada_nnempi shared the story today, being the 20th anniversary of her father's demise.

She said her father's friend confessed years later and narrated how he had tried numerous times to kill her father but failed. He then visited a stronger native doctor who gave him a charm and asked him to drop it in a place where the father can cross over it. Unfortunately, the grandmum also crossed over the charm and both died on the same day.

She added that her father's friend later died after confessing and his people refused to bury him due to his crimes. His three children also drowned years later.

Read her narration below.

Woman narrates how her dad was
Woman narrates how her dad was
Woman narrates how her dad was


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