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"Fear Women!": Nigerian Men Narrate Their Experiences (MUST READ)

Nigerian women have always been in the news for one reason or the other. If they are in the news for feminism, they are probably waxing strong giving out gists about how they want to be treated as women. Also, when talks of infidelity and DNA is causing outrage on social media, there is every point that women have touched the topic.

What gives a human being such audacity to always think he or she is right? In the period of incessant rape in the country, some Nigerian men tagged all men as rapist. That comment sparked outage among men. So many instances were given about how men are potential rapists.

However, the men have in turn, relayed the activities of these women to the world. So many shocking revelations showed how unfaithful some women are. It is not surprising to some men though, as they have similar experiences.

Below are the screenshots. Read and share your thoughts. Have you ever been heart broken by a woman before?


Have you ever been heart broken by a woman before?


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