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Once a child is more than 2 years, he or she shouldn’t see a parent naked - Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph has replied those who have criticized her for lashing out at Ghanaian actress, Akupem Poloo who went completely naked in front of her son to wish him a happy 7th birthday.

Anita in a post shared on her IG page this evening, stressed on the disadvantages of parents getting naked in front of their children. In her opinion, once a child is two or more, he or she shouldn't be seeing the nakedness of their parents. Read what she wrote below
I never saw my Mothers Nakedness Godforbid “
Some mothers Justifying this rubbish i weep for the Damage your causing your child ..
Once a child is more than 2years he or she shouldn’t see you naked !!
How do you bath naked with a child of 8,7,3,4,5,6, old anyway haaaaaa
No worry one day the child will kukuma Ask you mummy mummy what is this Black thing as he or she draws it  So you start explaining what your public hair is !!
So let me ask you when you bath with your 7 and 8years old boys,how do you bend to wash your kpekus I mean private part ???????
Kukuma allow your husbands or baby Daddy’s too to bath and take naked pictures with your children too !
Try and enlarge it too..Maybe you find it sweet or Bonding like some of you said..
There are so many ways to bond with your child ..
Not getting naked infront of them
Messing up with their innocent minds”
You are gradually abusing that child with your naked self ..
Please don’t stop oh. continue bathing with your kids let them even help you wash your back inugo .
One day in school he will tell his friend how him mama body be.
And Use it to do Analysis on BIOLOGY class
Talk to my back incase you wana throw tantrums ARAMASHIOGIRI !!


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