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"There Is A Growing Resentment Of Fulani Herdsmen Within The Hausa Community"

When you have an ethnic group at war with Igbos, Yoruba, Hausa, Berom, Bachama, Tarok, Tiv, Jukuns, Edo, Nupe, Ebira, Ghanaians, Mali, CAR etc then definitely something is wrong with that ethnic group.

Am Hausa, but I will not let emotions control my feelings. Two years back I can confidently travel from Kano city to Gaya town 2am in the night. But today, travelling between Wudil in Kano to Gaya anything after 7pm is dangerous. No thanks to these Herdsmen.

What is happening in the South-West & South East is inhumane and cruelty to animals but can you blame them? I bet you, in the next few years similar mob actions against these herdsmen will start taking place in the North. We have seen flashes of them in Zamfara and Kastina

There's is a vacuum ... irresponsibly created by the apparent reluctance of the past & current FG to curtail the growing security threat posed by herdsmen to lives and property in many parts of the country.

People, who are reckoning that without the reassuring protection of the state, their survival depends on defending themselves by any means necessary.

So instead of reacting to a symptom ... the government should tackle the threat, so that besieged citizens and innocent herdsmen alike are not unfortunately consumed in this inferno.

Written by MC Alhaji. See screenshots below...



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