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Woman Wakes Up From Boob Job To Find Doctors Made Her Bum 'a Terrifying Size'


A woman says her life has been ruined after she went to a plastic surgeon for £4,000 breast shaping surgery and came out with an enlarged bum she did not want.

Clinical psychologist Lyubov Laufer, 45, said the botched procedure left her with “wonky boobs” and mental trauma.

The mum-of-three said: “I have lost everything - my job and my family as I cannot sleep in the same room as my husband."

The problems started when she went for successful treatment to remove breast implants after seven years due to inflammation.

The surgeon persuaded her to subsequently undergo lipofilling, grafting her own fat to improve her breast shape, she claims.

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Clinical psychologist Lyubov Laufer says she was left with a huge bum
She took a four-hour flight to Novosibirsk, where the doctor is mainly based, for the procedure.

Minutes before the treatment she was told the medic’s colleague would perform the surgery, she said.

She “cried” about the change in doctor but went ahead, discussing with the medic where the fat would be removed from.

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