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Wife, 40, appeals to husband, 29, to come back home after he 'vanished three months ago' following a fight between them

Wife, 40, appeals to husband, 29, to come back home after he  

A heartbroken wife has appealed to her missing husband to come back home after he disappeared three months ago and has not been heard from since.

Joshua Jones, 29, left home to go to the pharmacy shop in Matlock, Derbs, in December 12, 2020, but never returned, leaving his distraught wife Talia and their little boy Luke worried sick.


Wife, 40, appeals to husband, 29, to come back home after he

Talia has now come online to beg for help in finding her missing soulmate and has apologized to him for pushing him away with her  actions.

On the day of his disappearance, Joshua texted his wife to say "I love you to the moon and back" before switching off his phone.

Talia, 40, said: “I email him every day to tell him how much I love him.


Wife, 40, appeals to husband, 29, to come back home after he

“I’m not coping well and he was the glue that held our family together. Our two-year-old, Luke, points at his photo and asks for his dad. It’s heartbreaking.

“If you’re reading this Josh, I’m sorry you felt the only option that day was to leave. I’m sorry and I love you so much. We miss you so much. Please just come home.”

Talia has now revealed for the first time that she had argued with Joshua the day he left home and never returned.

The 40-year-old wife said: “I wish I stopped him from leaving. People fall out all the time. We had a beautiful relationship and I never thought he wouldn’t come home.

The pair got married in June 2017 after meeting on a night out

“His car had broken down the day before and we’d just paid over £600 to get it through the MOT.

“It broke down at a terrible time because we still hadn’t sorted the Christmas presents for my two girls and our son, the rent was due and we hadn’t done any Christmas food shopping.

"We couldn’t ask family for money again because we had already done that.

“He texted me hours after he left to say it wasn’t my fault and he loved Luke, the girls and he loved me to the moon and back.

“That’s always been what we say to each other.”

Talia also revealed Joshua was suffering from heightened anxiety because of the pandemic.

She added: “He said he felt trapped. Our main thing we did together as a couple was go to the pub for a pint. That’s how we met and it became our thing.


Wife, 40, appeals to husband, 29, to come back home after he

“We used to take Luke and we’d go as a family. We always sat at the table where we went on our first date. But all that came to an end.”

Talia and her friends were playing pool when Joshua slapped down 50p and said he’d play the winner - which happened to be Talia.

She recalled: “I tracked him down on Facebook a week later. It was his eyes for me, they were striking.

“We met up in a pub for a date and I asked him what he did for fun. He said he loved reading and that one of his favourites was 1984.

“I almost fell off my chair because it was mine too and most men wouldn’t say that as an answer. We just bonded over books.

“We just hit it off right away and before we knew it hours had passed and we were the only people left in the pub.”

Talia added: “Josh is just the kindest, most gentle, intelligent man I’ve ever met. He is so intelligent and we always say we ask Joshua rather than Google.

“When we met he said all he ever wanted was a family on his own. He didn’t want the fancy car or the high paid job.

“He totally dotes on his boy and he’s such a hard worker. He gets up at 5am every morning and comes home, takes off his uniform, and gets on with playing with Luke.

“I’ve loved him from that first night at the bar. I just want him home.

“I believe he’s still alive and he’s maybe out in the woods. He has survival skills and we used to joke about leaving behind the ratrace and going and building a treehouse together.

“I just think he needed some time on his own.

“But I now want him back home. I don’t have anger and I won’t even ask questions. I just want Josh back where he belongs.

“Please, if you can, help me find him.”



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